About Us 關於我們


Project Sauté – since 2017. We work together to provide you with the latest dance news, interviews, articles and stories from all around the globe using the power of social media to spread the art form to a broader audience. Project Sauté translates from English to Mandarin Chinese connecting our audiences to real stories designed to provoke inspiration and debate. Good enough reasons to stay connected. No?


成立於2017 年8月 Project Saute 為您提供來自世界各地最新的舞蹈資訊,舞者採訪,舞蹈相關的文章和故事,將藝術分享給更廣泛的觀眾。 Project Sauté 將英語翻譯成中文,希望將我們的觀眾與真實的故事聯繫起來,激發靈感和辯論。 這樣是否擁有足夠的理由持續追蹤呢?