Saute在法文意為「跳躍」,Project Saute成立於2017年,是一個舞蹈資訊交流平台/媒體,期許藉此平台讓舞者/喜愛舞蹈的朋友都能找到屬於自己的一片天空。 我們提供最新的國際舞蹈與藝術消息;並不定期與國際職業舞者推出特別企劃,希望能向大眾推廣舞蹈藝術、促進舞者國際交流,讓舞蹈成為一種生活風格與品味。

Project Sauté – since 2017. We work together to provide you with the latest dance news, interviews, articles and stories from all around the globe using the power of social media to spread the art form to a broader audience. Project Sauté translates from English to Mandarin Chinese connecting our audiences to real stories designed to provoke inspiration and debate. Good enough reasons to stay connected. No?