Project Sauté 即將推出自己的 #Podcast 節目 , 《芭蕾WHY 男孩》即將在週四與您見面。


由本平台的創辦人/英國北方芭蕾舞團的台灣舞者- 梁秩傑 George Liang 與 不專業芭蕾舞門外漢 小蹼共同主持這個新節目。

台灣人平均花3小時在滑手機!現在人大都生活忙碌,許多人可能上完課或上完班回到家只想放空不想動腦吧,這時如果有個不用費神注意且自己喜歡的聲音能夠陪著你,是不是一件挺棒的事情呢?《芭蕾WHY 男孩》的內容包山包海,舉凡學舞歷程、斜台對舞者的挑戰、芭蕾舞者包包的神秘世界…等。每集開頭也會挑選趣味冷知識與大家分享


🎧 芭蕾why男孩的Podcast


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Project Sauté is proud to present its own podcast program. The first ever episode of《Ballet WHY Boy》will be available online this 24th September 2020.

Presented by The curator of Project Sauté / Professional Ballet Dancer with Northern Ballet – George Liang

People spend an average of 3 hours on their mobile phones! Nowadays, most people now have a busy life. Many people may come home after class or work and just want to be free and don’t want to use their brains. Imagine this time, if there is a voice that you don’t need to pay too much attention to and can accompany you, wouldn’t it be great? The content of “Ballet WHY Boy” includes the journey of George learning to dance, the challenge of the raked stage to dancers, the mysterious world of ballet dancers… etc. At the beginning of each episode, we will also select interesting knowledge in dance to share with you.



圖片舞者Dancer :George Liang

主視覺設計Visual Design: George Liang

攝影Photography Riku Ito



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