「大自然的呼喚」: 北方芭蕾舞團 4 位舞者 與 北方芭蕾舞團的管弦樂團進行《網上合作》。 「大自然的呼喚」是藝術家們受到疫情而反思的創作。國外封城將近10 幾個星期,人們各自的乖乖待在家中。 人們不出門,減少排放汽車廢氣,突然空氣變好了。 想必大自然在告訴我們一件事「沒有人們的日子,大自然過得更好,等人們能安全的離開自己家門後。請切記,我們不是大自然的主人,我們都只是個客人。請對大自然好一點。」

Acollaboration between Northern Ballet dancers and Northern Ballet Sinfonia.

Music: Ravel

Music Director: Jonathan Lo

Dancers: Sean Bates, Dominique Larose, Chih- Chieh George Liang, Mariana Rodrigues

Piano: Andrew Dunlop

Flute: Tom Hancox Cor Anglais & Oboe: Mary Gilbert

Bassoons: Paul Boyes

Horn 1: Nick Wolmart

Horn 2: Dave Horwich Violins: Geoff Allen, Winona Fifield, Ian Flower, Helen Boardman, Katy Barnes, Rebecca Smith, Raimonda Koço, Laura Concar, Mandy Britton

Viola: Ros Cabot & Hannah Horton

Cello: Sasha Volpov & Toby Turton

Double Bass: Gemma Murray

Quote: Harron Rashid

Video Editing/ Direction: Chih- Chieh George Liang

Audio Production: Daniel Parkinson

Special Thanks To Northern Ballet For All The Supports During This Unprecedented Times. This film was made and produced from the 18th May – 18th June 2020 in Leeds. All rehearsals, recording and production were completed in compliance with the pandemic regulations as set by the UK government.

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