After the successful week of offering free online classes on Project Sauté Facebook, we received many positive feedbacks from everyone. Thank you all again for taking part of our events. During this difficult time, I am pleased to announce that once again i will gather 4 of my talented friends from all over the world to go online on my PROJECT SAUTE platform to lead FREE online classes. These are all free event, I really hope i’ll be able to create a platform for artists to exchange talents. And the main point now is to encourage everyone to stay active and healthy during this crazy time. Stay Safe. George X


由於大家反應熱烈,下週將帶給你 2.0 版本 🩰

這次除了要請到澳洲的Georgia Powley 和前香港芭蕾舞團舞者 Irene Lo 來教授瑜珈課程,加拿大國家芭蕾舞團的Nicolas Rose 來教授芭蕾把桿, 還邀請到北方芭蕾舞團的芭蕾大師 Daniel De Andrade來給課(只有把桿)

週一 瑜珈: Yoga With Georgia Powley(澳洲)
週二 芭蕾把桿: Ballet Barre With Nicolas Rose(加拿大)
週三 瑜珈: Yoga With Irene Lo (香港)
週六 芭蕾把桿: Ballet Barre With Daniel De Andrade (英國)



呂羿臻 · 6 4 月, 2020 at 6:03 上午


    projectsaute · 20 4 月, 2020 at 10:16 下午

    thank you very much

Wang Yu · 7 4 月, 2020 at 9:51 上午

Ballet Barre
April 07


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