A total 12 events, including 12 new works choreographed by 13 talented young Taiwanese choreographers/ dancers. This event is organised by Northern Ballet dancer George Liang, also a Taiwanese. The aim is to bring the theatre closer to home. The first 6 weeks of UK’s lockdown Project Sau·té/ George invited many professional dancer friends from all over the world to this platform (tap here to see all LIVE classes) . And I think it’s important to also showcase our own Taiwanese talents to the world too(tap this to learn info of these taiwanese performers). Enjoy x

The level of dancing so far has been extremely high, but then that’s to be expected – Taiwan has one of the world’s best dance education systems and a unique style that lends itself to grace and purpose. 

Gerard Davis, Dancing Review UK

The project proved an agreeable journey. That the technical level was high from the off was no surprise. 

David Mead, Seeing Dance


Dancing Review UK 1/2- Project Sau.te – Quarantine Project: Online, 11 – 22 May 2020

Dancing Review UK 2/2- https://dancingreview.wordpress.com/2020/05/24/project-sau-te-quarantine-project-week-2-online-17-22-may-2020/?fbclid=IwAR1GvvYF3p59WIlo2tirydEv8DsO-yZ6xzHXohALNeDDSsdKSxms84uCLA8

Seeing Dance Review – http://www.seeingdance.com/project-saute-quarantine-project-26052020/?fbclid=IwAR1NskhwVkzsqmrm_tOkL6cm12bCPiejWz4ojqX7lH-K12xd_wXjqj_0ltg

Hong Kong Dance Magazine Review: https://hkdancemagazine.com/stories/2020/6/6/create-your-own-stage-at-home-performances-by-taiwans-emerging-dance-artists



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