The Secret behind a ballerina’s bag?

Photography by Jesus Vallinas

1.) How many pair of Pointe shoes will you use in one show of “The Great Gatsby”, and talk about your pink pointe shoes bag you have there..?

For one show of Daisy in the Great Gatsby, I’ll use one pair of shoes. I’ll wear a new pair of shoes for class that morning and then use that pair for the show. After that show I will use that pair for the corps the ballet scenes, such as the Charleston dance in Gatsby’s party or the Tango. ​

For some shows like The Great Gatsby and Victoria we use pancaked pointe shoes. This is because we don’t wear tights and the pancaked shoes create a nicer line. For company class and rehearsals I use shiny pink pointe shoes and when we do the nutcracker or other very classical works we often use satin pink shoes. 

I always shellack my shoes twice before I wear them to help them stay harder for longer. Once they dry and it’s time to wear them I break the shank with my hands and step on the box. Then I put some water on the box to help soften the sole and wear them more easily, then that’s it I’m ready! 

I have a special bag for shoes which has holes in it to allow air to get through to them. This helps the shoes stay hard for longer and also stops my bag with clothes from smelling.

2.) Your favorite snack between rehearsals? 

My favorite snack between rehearsals is the little pineapple cake shown in the photo! It’s small and light but yummy! I often have a little piece of fruit too for a healthy and sweet kick! And lots and lots of water. 

3.) Why do you carry a notebook in your dance bag?

My notebook is for writing down the corrections and changes made to the choreography during a rehearsal. Especially during a new role I get many corrections not only on technique but also on feelings, the way to act, musicality and choreography. This way I can remember everything from one day to the next. It’s also important because we often don’t have much time to rehearse so we have to improve quickly and make sure not to forget the notes.

4.)Mini band and Theraband?

My Theraband helps to improve foot strength and the miniband is to activate my glutes before class/ rehearsals/ or shows. This is important to take strain off the lower legs and activate the whole body. 

Photography by Jesus Vallinas

5.)How important are the roller, spiky ball and golf ball?

My pink roller and golf ball/spiky ball are my lifesavers! I use them throughout the day: In the morning to release tight muscles and get the body flowing again, In the middle of the day to relieve muscle groups I worked on particularly hard, (especially in the making of new choreography and the body goes through movements that is not used to) And at the end of the day to have a good nights rest and not to be too sore the next day. 

6.)I spy headphones.. what music do you usually listen to? 

 I love all kinds of music but especially country music! It can fit any mood I have and helps me to leave any stress behind. Another huge favorite is Celine Dion! She’s one of my idols! So much passion, and power in one woman… and she’s a bit of a comedian too!

7.)Tell us why you have Gums, body spray and lip balm in your dance bag? 

I use Dove deodorant, the smell is clean and fresh. Ted Baker body spray, another fresh scent to give me a little boost during rehearsal (and also so my partners remain happy) chewing gums for a fresh breathe between rehearsals (some roles involved kissing so we want to stay particularly minty!), not everyone loves the taste of pineapple cake! Finally I always have some chapstick in my bag, the studios can get dry and my EOS chapstick is a lifesaver. 

I love pink and pineapples that is why I like to have pink items and warm up clothes with printed pineapples and ballerina figures on them. This way whenever I go to my ballet bag I can feel a little extra sense of joy, especially on long rehearsal days!

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